Our programs are delivered by seasoned executives, not trainers. We guide and inspire our participants to grow.

We keep things small


We cap the size of our participants to ensure each and every professional is able to have both the individual coaching and group work to learn.

We keep our groups diverse


 Different companies, disciplines, skills and backgrounds keeps things interesting and engaging. New professional networks are forged.

We spend time in advance


  We get to know each participant before they arrive, through phone calls, interviews and our Traitify survey. We know a lot before we begin and can tailor a program that amplifies areas of greatest need.

We do individuals and teams


Dynamics can vary greatly and seeing someone in both types of situations allows us to coach to their highest potential. We work both sides of the equation.  

We bring the heavy hitters


Every program is supplemented with outside C-suite speakers to round out the education and leadership perspective. These are intimate, heart-to-heart discussions and always a highlight.

We don't disappear after


 Many participants need support post training as during the program, they often find gaps in their executive journey. We provide post session feedback for managers to pick up where we leave off, and if needed are there to help.